Rotosound DZ10


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Nickel on Steel

Dark Zone with the bright tone! Has the widest gauge range of all our nickel on steel electrics offering a heavy, powerful sound and drop tuning.

Having recently celebrated 50 years of producing the worlds finest music strings, we at Rotosound proudly offer our nickel on steel electrics in a wide range of gauges for 6, 7, 8 and 12 string sets to suit all playing styles and the needs of todays musician.

Our highly secret core to cover ratios used in their making offers such brilliant sustain and tonal nuances few others can equal. The longer European eye adds extra strength at the ballend.

Our unsurpassed quality and constant care to detail throughout every stage of the production process culminates in a string equally geared to the professional and non-professional alike.

All Rotosound music strings are manufactured in England.

E: 10 /  H: 13 /  G: 17  / D: 26w  / A: 36w  / E: 46w

Type: Regular / Nickel on Steel


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