For the Love of BASS!

We live and love everything bass. Period. It all started with opening a bass service and repair shop. Now, about a year in, we have a fully-equipped demo room in connection with the workshop, so the last ‘missing piece’ was a webshop.

We would love to carry and stock every single bass, amp, pedal, string and pickup brand in the world, but obviously that is not possible. We have gone to great length, though, to select the brands and products you will find here. Some of the products are ’boutiquey’ and premium, while others are mainstream or even in the entry-level territory – we hope you like the mix.

And rest assured that this is just the beginning. We do plan to expand the range of brands and products, as we move forward.


Why House of Bass?

We want to offer true value through well-selected products that are priced right, as well as through expertise, guidance and excellent customer service.

And most importantly, we focus entirely on BASS PLAYERS. We have nothing against guitarists, drummers, keyboard players, vocalists, etc. We love playing with them, but when it comes to gear, we live and breathe nothing but bass. 🙂

Finally, it also means that when you purchase a bass from our website, we will make absolutely sure to go over it in every detail to ensure that it plays like butter and sounds amazing when you received it!

Flat Shipping Rate

Rather than punching in weight and dimension for every single product, we have decided to use a flat European shipping rate of €10 regardless of whether you buy a full rig, 2 basses and 8 pedals – or a set of strings.


14-Day Money Back Period

From the day you receive the products you purchased, you have a full 14-day no-questions-asked period to return the products. For further details, please refer to our Terms & Conditions (Danish version here…)


May the low end be with you!

Dominic @