Genzler Magellan 212T
Genzler Magellan 212T

Description Description This new series shares a heritage to many previous Jeff Genzler designs.  These light-weight cabinet designs constructed from 12mm and 15mm Baltic Birch plywood deliver powerful, full-body response with a modern, yet classic styling.  The cabinets are wrapped … Read More

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Eich 212S Bass Cabinet (8 Ohm)
Eich 212S Bass Cabinet (8 Ohm)

No Compromise. No Matter Where You Play.

  • High-quality 12“ Ceramic speakers TE12D
  • Neodymium tweeter NT 1
  • Tweeter Switching System
  • Extremely lightweight construction
  • Classic grill cloth
  • Speakon® connectors
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Two “all access” handles
  • Strain relief
  • Ampfixing


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