Aguilar OBP-2 Bass Preamp (2 pots)

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2-band Preamp (treble / bass). Boost and cut. 2 separate treble and bass pots included.


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The OBP-1’s boost-only design gives you the tone-shaping benefits of active electronics without losing the inherent sound of the instrument. The OBP-1’s discrete, all-FET circuitry features up to 18dB of boost at 40Hz and 4kHz, creating a sonic environment high in dynamic headroom and low in noise.


Design: All FET / Two bands of boost & cut / 9 or 18 V

Pots: 2 separate potentiometers included – 1 for treble / 1 for bass

Bass control: plus/minus 18 dB @ 40 Hz.

Treble control: plus/minus 16 dB @ 6.5 KHz.

Input impedance: 1 meg ohm

Output impedance: 100 ohm 9 or 18 volts operation.

Distortion: .019 into 10k ohm load

Noise: -95 dBm unweighted.

Battery life: 324 hours

Wire lead length: 16.50 cm

Low noise discrete FET input stage, center detent 50 K linear pots,with a dual concentric pot available.

Dimensions: 2.49 cm (W) x2.49 cm (L) x 1.50 cm (D)



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