DiMarzio Ultra Jazz 4 Pickups (Pair)



DiMarzio’s Tonal Guide (1-10)
Treble: 6.0
Mid: 5.0
Bass: 7.0


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…and the Ultra Jazz pickups (5 string model) wired in parallel:


The hum-cancelling Ultra Jazz™ takes a traditional Fender® Jazz Bass® sound and really opens it up. Lows are deeper, highs are more percussive, and the mid-range is round but not muddy. Harmonic overtones jump off the strings. It’s also quick; with instant response to either fingers or pick-style playing. There’s only one word for this combination of qualities: “musical”.


Recommended For
Neck and bridge positions. The Ultra Jazz™ Pair was designed to fit the neck and bridge position of the original Fender Jazz Bass, which has neck and bridge pickup cavities of two different sizes. Some current basses use the same length pickup in both positions. Please refer to the dimensions link for the correct choice for your bass.


Tech Talk
The appearance of the Ultra Jazz™ is traditional, but the wide dynamic range and frequency response of the hybrid magnetic structure allows both vintage and modern sounds. As with the Model J™, hum canceling is achieved with each coil sensing a pair of strings, rather than a stacked design; even with a relatively high DC resistance figure, the Ultra Jazz™ has very strong, percussive highs and clean lows.


Wiring: 4 Conductor
Magnet: Alnico 5 & Ceramic
Output mV: 250
DC Resistance: 12.3 Kohm


Intsallation Guide
Wiring Diagram


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