Genzler Magellan 800 Carry Bag


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This carry bag is designed to offer exceptional ease of transport for the lightweight MAGELLAN 800 bass amplifier, along with excellent protection.  It offers padded protection for night-after-night heavy use.

Made from heavy-duty, water resistant vinyl material, the bag features upgraded zippers, a large front pocket, sturdy handles and a comfortable, detachable carry strap.  Along with a soft-plush lining the carry bag uses 15mm padding around every surface of the protective compartment.  The front pocket is large enough for a variety of accessories like cables, tuners, etc.

An excellent choice for the musician that needs his MAGELLAN 800 head in a “grab and go” protective carrying case.


Shipping Weight:  2.5 LBS
Shipping Carton Dimensions:  4.75”H x 14.6”L x 13.4”D


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