Rotosound Funkmaster (30 – 90)


Stainless Steel 4 String Set

The string that started a revolution and brought the bass player from the back line to the front.

But in this version, the gauge combination that makes up a completely customized set of strings has been selected by no other than Mr. Billy Sheehan.


G: 30  / D: 50  / A: 70  / E: 90

Type: Rounds / Stainless Steel /Round Wound


In stock (can be backordered)


The Mark King Connection


From the Swing Bass 66 range. This set originally developed in conjunction with Level 42’s Mark King.

It first came out under the Superwound ‘Funkmaster’ series with the ‘Piano String Design’ and was available in Nickel and Steel.

Here we have recreated the same set in the regular Rotosound format but still retaining that great sound that you experience when using Swing Bass.

Mark King says

“I’ve been lucky enough to have been involved with Rotosound for over thirty years now, going right back to my first Jaydee and the custom gauges that the guys made up for me, 30-50-70-90, and still do to this day, only now with double-ball ends for my Status King basses. The fantastic tonal consistency of the strings has been the bedrock of my sound, and we all know that your sound starts with the strings, right?. Happy Anniversary guys, here’s to the next 50.”

Check out a bit of Rotosound History:



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